Welcome to TIX EVENTS owned and maintained by PT Nusantara Elang Sejahtera, a company established and subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "TIX EVENTS" or “Website” interchangeably). The following terms and conditions (Terms of Use) Websitely to access, install and or use the Website. References to the Website are considered to include derivatives thereof, including but not necessarily limited to mobile web Websites and Websites. By using the Site, you agree to acknowledge that you have read, understood comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions set out below and other terms and conditions in connection with the Website, including but not limited to confidentiality and FAQ, which form an integral part of these Terms of Use. You must be eligible by law to use the Website. Please note that we may modify, add and remove these Terms of Use from time to time without prior notice. Terms of Use must be read periodically. By continuing to use the Website after such changes to the Visitor Terms of Use, the registered user or user ("You" or "User") agrees and accepts the change. If you use one of our other services, your use is based on compliance and acceptance of the terms and conditions Websitelicable to the service.



  1. Our website is Software as a Service Provider platform wherein you can purchase the services and products offered through the website. The use of this Website constitutes your consent to, and agreement to, abide by the most current version of these terms and conditions (the “Terms”). We will provide booking confirmation or purchase via email User registered in the Website. We reserve the right to refuse reservations as set out below.
  2. While we will use our expertise with care in conducting the Services, we do not verify, and do not warrant, that all information provided is accurate, complete, correct or current available, and we are not responsible for any errors (including errors placement and typing), interruptions (temporary and / or partial, damage, repair or upgrading to the Website or otherwise), inaccurate, misleading or false information or unresolved information.
  3. You may only use the Website when you have registered on the Website. Once you have successfully registered, the Website will provide you with a personal account accessible with the password you choose (“Account”).
  4. Only You may use your own account and you agree to not authorize or give anyone else access to use your identity or use your account. You cannot assign or transfer your account to any other party. You must maintain the security and confidentiality of your account password and any identification we provide to you. In the event of any disclosure of your password, in any way whatsoever resulting in any unauthorized or unauthorized use of your account or identity, orders received from such unauthorized or unauthorized use shall still be considered valid orders, except You notify us of this before TIX EVENTS provide the requested Service.
  5. An individual needs to register itself through valid email IDs and an individual will only own one account on one valid email ID.
  6. Changes in market conditions or circumstances that occur may cause changes in a short period of time, leading to inaccurate or invalid information. In the event of a problem, customer service can strive to assist you and fulfil your request.
  7. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Account if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, false or misleading or to reclaim any username that you create through the Service that violates our Terms. If you have reason to believe that your Account is no longer secure, then you must immediately notify us at help@tixid.com
  8. We reserve the right not to accept any user or order (or in certain cases cancel the booking confirmation) at our sole discretion and for any reason and without giving reasons for rejection / cancellation.
  9. Our Services are not available to temporarily or indefinitely suspended members. Our website reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel unconfirmed or inactive accounts. Our website reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.
  10. You hereby agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content to use the Website only for the intended purpose of obtaining the Services. You are not allowed to abuse or use the Website for fraudulent purposes or cause inconvenience to others or make false bookings.


  1. Users are advised to exercise due caution and care before making payment for any subscription, products or services as the fees for such subscription, services and products is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. The Ticket (“eTicket”) is being sold by TIX EVENTS as agent for the organizer (the “Organizer”) responsible for the event (“Event”) covered thereby.
  3. STRICTLY NO REFUND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. TIX EVENTS and any of its subsidiaries transfer all event online sales to the event organisers. The event organisers are fully responsible for the funds you pay.
  4. The Users acknowledge that TIX EVENTS will not be liable for any damages, interests or claims, etc. resulting from not processing a Transaction/Transaction Price or any delay in processing a Transaction/Transaction Price which is beyond our control.
  5. The Ticket is valid only for the event and seat for which it was issued and cannot be refunded, exchanged or replaced if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed.
  6. By making reservations through the Website, you accept and agree to the Websitelicable terms and conditions, including those relating to the cancellation policy. TIX EVENTS shall not be liable for any breach of the terms and conditions agreed between the third party and the User (if any) or based on the User's specific request.


  1. The users may choose either of the payment modes as enlisted on the Website.
  2. Our Website uses third party payment providers to receive payments from users. We are not responsible for delays or erroneous transaction execution or cancellation of orders due to payment issues.
  3. By accepting the terms of use, you agree to use your preference payment method and therefore agree to follow the procedures set out under the Website and / or designated payment method as a payment service provider.
  4. Once you make full payment, TIX EVENTS will place the order and issue the reservation code, which will be accompanied by:
    1. Event details (e.g. Event name, schedule and location);
    2. Number of ticket purchased (including class, variation);
    3. Bundling package;
    4. Convenience fee; and
    5. Users bio details.
  5. We take the utmost care to work with third party payment providers, but do not control their systems, processes, technology, and workflows, hence cannot be held responsible for any fault at the end of payment providers.
  6. You must read your ticket exchange regulation applied for each Event mostly can be found at Event’s website before entering the Venue.
  7. You must ensure that the details you provide to us are completely correct, accurate and accurate. TIX EVENTS reserves the right not to accept certain payment methods. TIX EVENTS may add or remove other payment methods at its discretion.
  8. In certain cases, we may require additional information or verification to validate and confirm the reservation, as described in more detail in the Website. Reservations are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation SMS. In the event of fraud or determination will occur, then the reservation will no longer be available or automatically become invalid. The TIX EVENTS will not assume any responsibility. If you choose not to submit additional information, the reservation will not be completed and will become invalid.


  1. TIX EVENTS hereby grants the user certain limited rights ("Limited License"), which cannot be transferred or delegated, to access and use the Website to the extent expressly permitted by these Terms of Use. In connection with this Limited License, we will not grant you any right or license in respect of the use of the Website, right or license not expressly granted, wholly owned by the TIX EVENTS or other third-party owners of the license. Content available on the Website (including the software infrastructure used to provide the Content) is wholly owned by the TIX EVENTS or its suppliers and service providers. You may use the Website to place an order and you hereby declare and warrant that you will not file a false or speculative reservation request in anticipation of an available booking. You hereby declare to ensure that the payment information you provide is true and fully accurate. You also guarantee to provide accurate phone number and or details of your contact information.
  2. Subject to the Terms of Use of the Website, you agree not to use the Website or the Content for commercial purposes or directly or indirectly for purposes other than personal use or for unlawful (prohibited by law) or to perform actions that violate these Terms of Use. Except with a written agreement of the TIX EVENTS, you agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from transferring, or sell or resell any information, software, products or services obtained in connection with Websites. In addition, you agree not to:
    1. use this Website or content for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the TIX EVENTS;
    2. access, monitor or copy content on the Website using any technology, software or any program either manually or automatically for any purpose without the prior written permission of the TIX EVENTS;
    3. undertake any action that imposes or may impose, an unnatural burden on our Website or infrastructure;
    4. create a primary link to the Website (including but not limited to the ordering point) for any purpose without the express written consent of the TIX EVENTS);
    5. resell, use, copy, perform surveillance (such as using or installing spider or scrape programs), displaying, downloading or producing any content, software, products, services available through the Website for commercial purposes or competition purposes / activities;
    6. reproduce the Website (via "frame" or "mirror") or arrange parts of this Website on any other web Website without prior written consent;
    7. sends announcements to or through the Website in violation of any law, regulation or rule, or that may support activities that violate any law or criminal activity;
    8. transmit or provide links to or post announcements containing material which may be deemed dangerous, obscene, pornographic, indecent, violent, racist, or discriminatory, humiliating, threatening, harassing, oppressive, hateful or objectionable, the wisdom of this TIX EVENTS;
    9. transmits or provides links to any announcements containing libel, defamation, and lies;
    10. transmit or make announcements that may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of certain entities or persons, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or confidential information or publications;
    11. sends an announcement when prohibited by Websitelicable law or violates existing rights and obligations under a contractual relationship;
    12. imitates any person or group, or misrepresents or misrepresents a person or entity for a relationship or takes a false identity if its purpose is to mislead, deceive or deceive;
    13. manipulates or falsifies information that aims to disguise the origin of the statement you provide;
    14. uses the Website in any way that could damage, deactivate, interrupt or otherwise interfere with the use of the Website or other users of computer equipment, or cause damage, interference or restriction of functionality of any telecommunications software, hardware or equipment;
    15. gain unauthorized access or make unauthorized modifications to the Website or other relevant websites, other accounts, computer systems, networks connected by the Website by hacking, password theft or other similar matters;
    16. obtains or seeks to obtain any material or information in a manner incidentally provided by the Website (including but not limited to other destinations provided by the Website). This includes but is not limited to, obtaining or collecting information about other persons such as email addresses;
    17. engaged in fraudulent actions or actions aimed at manipulating search engine results pages ("SERP") or performing search engine optimization ("SEO"). SEO practices are considered unethical or "spamdexing" including but not limited to cloaking, metadata, title tags, scraping content, link schemes, google bombs, keyword searches, hidden text or hidden links, link schemes, spammy comments and -another thing; or
    18. any other action which may adversely affect or result in damage to the Website, TIX EVENTS or its affiliates and employees, or the TIX EVENTS reputation.
  3. Unless otherwise expressly specified, the website is not permitted to create any other depth link other than the Website home page or frames or web pages or any material contained therein, or link to the aspect of the Website in the form of email for commercial purposes without the express written consent by TIX EVENTS.
  4. By placing an order through this Website, you hereby declare and warrant that you are not subject to any restrictions or restrictions by any sanction program or be subject to punishment under any anti-money laundering regime.


  1. You hereby agree not to use the Website or the Content for any unlawful activity.
  2. You agree that you will not use any equipment, software, or other technologies that may prevent or attempt to block the operation of this Website.
  3. You agree not to use this Website or its content for commercial purposes.
  4. You agree not to attempt, create, search, use or send automated means or other forms of technology to collect or obtain information from the Website, or any other means of interacting with the Website.
  5. You agree that you are accessing the services available on this Site and transacting at your sole risk and are using your best and prudent judgment.
  6. You agree not to transmit material that encourages conduct that constitutes a criminal offense, results in civil liability or otherwise breaches any relevant laws, regulations or code of practice.
  7. Without limiting other remedies, we may, in our sole discretion, limit, suspend, or terminate our services and user accounts, prohibit access to our sites, services, Websites, and tools, and their content, delay or remove hosted content, and take technical and legal steps to keep users from using our sites, services, Websites, or tools if we think that they are creating problems or possible legal liabilities, infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties, or acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies. We also reserve the right to cancel unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a period of months or to modify or discontinue our site, services.


  1. All Intellectual Property Rights in this Website are owned by TIX EVENTS. All information and materials, including but not limited to, software, text, data, graphics, imagery, sound, video, trademarks, logos, icons, html codes and other codes in this web Website are prohibited to be published, modified, copied, reproduced, duplicated or altered in any way outside the territory of this Website without the express written consent of the TIX EVENTS. If you violate these rights, TIX EVENTS reserves the right to make a civil suit for the total amount of damages or damages suffered. These violations may also constitute a crime.
  2. The TIX EVENTS and / or its affiliated companies are the owners of certain intellectual property rights ("Intellectual Property Rights"), including but not limited to domain names, Websites, trademarks, content, copyrights, service marks, logos, symbols or other designs. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting you any license or right, implied or otherwise, to use, possess, distribute or modify any of the TIX EVENTS Intellectual Property. Other products and company names contained in the Website, including any name, trademark, mark, service mark, logo, symbol or other design may be owned or licensed for use by third parties. The use of intellectual property rights by third parties in the Website is not considered a recommendation or sponsorship of the Website by any third party. TIX EVENTS owns the copyright on the Website, and you are prohibited to use, possess, distribute or modify any Intellectual Property without the consent declared by the TIX EVENTS.
  3. This Website contains Intellectual Property TIX EVENTS, including but not limited to text, software, photos, graphics, video, music and sound. All Content This Website is protected by copyright law. We and our licensors own the copyright and / or other rights to the selection, coordination, arrangement and improvement of original Content and Content. You may not modify, reproduce, copy, perform, display, publish, or exploit Content, in whole or in part, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms of Use.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, the software required for the provision of services, software available for use on this Website, and Intellectual Property Rights in the Content are owned by TIX EVENTS, its affiliated companies or related companies, licensors, suppliers and content providers. The TIX EVENTS shall not be liable for any intellectual property owned by any third party or for any infringement of any intellectual property rights owned by any third party.
  5. You may use the information in the Website for personal, non-commercial use only. Unless otherwise specified, and expressly permitted by copyright law, you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, re-transmit, publish or otherwise commercially exploit any downloads you make from the Website without the permission of the owner of intellectual property rights. Even if you get the necessary permissions, you are prohibited from making any changes or deletions. You hereby accept and agree that downloading any Intellectual Property does not grant you any right to them.
  6. We have the right to remove the Content alleged to be infringing without prior notice, at our sole discretion, and without liability to you.
  7. TIX EVENTS making the Website, preparing the source code and performing software support, may license the use of third party open source software through the GNU General Public License ("GPL"), Any use of TIX EVENTS against TIX EVENTS open source software and party intellectual property rights third is with the necessary license or permit.


  1. If there is any evidence of infringement of your Intellectual Property Rights, you or your representative (simultaneously, the "Submitter") may send a notice containing the following details listed hereunder:
    1. Name and address of the Sender;
    2. If the Sender is not the owner of any Intellectual Property Rights or an exclusive license, it shall include the name and address of the owner of Intellectual Property Rights;
    3. If the Sender's address is not in Indonesia, the Shipper must provide a temporary address in Indonesia;
    4. Phone number, facsimile (if any) and Sending email address;
    5. Sufficient detail to prove the infringement of intellectual property rights, including the online address of an electronic copy;
    6. the Sender's Request to remove or disable access to electronic copies or the infringed version;
    7. Declaration that the Shipper in good faith recognizes the violation as identified in paragraph (5) of this article;
    8. A statement that the information provided in the notification is accurate;
    9. Statement that Sender (a) is the exclusive owner or holder of infringing intellectual property rights; or (b) has the legal authority to act on the exclusive owner or holder; and
    10. A declaration that the Submitter is subject to Indonesian law and that all claims, disputes, controversies or differences arising from infringement of intellectual property rights shall first be submitted to the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) for mediation settlement in accordance with the Mediation Procedures Websitelicable for the time being this. The sender must certify that they agree to participate in mediation in good faith and strive to comply with the terms of the settlement being reached.
  2. The letter must be signed by the sender and delivered physically to the following address:
  3. PT. Nusantara Elang Sejahtera Capital Place 18th floor Jl. Gatot Soebroto Kav.18 Kuningan Barat, Mampang Prapatan Jakarta Selatan 12710
  4. We will review and handle notices in accordance with the above requirements and in accordance with Indonesian law.
  5. You agree to indemnify TIX EVENTS for any loss or damage that may occur because of fraud, counterfeiting or false allegations of intellectual property infringement.


You will disclaim to and accept that which is extent permitted by Websitelicable law:

  1. The services and content of this Website are provided by "as is" and "as available". We hereby expressly understand that we make no warranty or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, in connection with the business fees of the product or services, or fitness for the particular products and services we provide for a particular purpose and disclaimer the abuse of which Websitelicable rights;
  2. We do not guarantee that: (i) functions, services and security features provided in this Website will be uninterrupted or error-free; (ii) error or failure will be corrected; or (iii) Websites or server provide any free service from viruses, malware or dangerous components;
  3. We do not guarantee the accuracy, duty, integrity or quality of content, Websites or resources available for and from Websites including, but not limited to, any warranty that content, Website or free sources of non-conventive material resources, no senonoh or controversial;
  4. Any other material or otherwise obtained through the use of this service is at your own risk. You are successfully assume the risk, and you will be fully responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data arising out of the substitute material.
  5. Our website periodically schedules system downtime for the Sites for maintenance and other purposes. Unplanned system outages also may occur. You agree that we have no responsibility and is not liable for: (a) the unavailability of any of the Sites; (b) any loss of data, information or materials caused by such system outages; (c) the resultant delay, misdelivery or non-delivery of data, information or materials caused by such system outages; or (d) any outages caused by any third parties, including without limitation any companies or servers hosting any of the Sites, any Internet service providers or otherwise.


  1. Any claim against us in any case by you shall be limited to the total amount actually paid by and or payable to you when using the Services during the events which caused the claim. In no event shall we and / or our licensors be liable to you or anyone at any cost, interest, damage or loss in any kind or form (including personal injury, emotional disturbance and loss of data, goods, income, profits, use or other economic benefits). The Company and or its licensors will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury that may have been caused by or caused by you or to any person for whom You have ordered the Service, including but not limited to damages, injury or injury arising out of, or with in any way with respect to the Service and or the Website, including but not limited to the use or inability to use the Service and or the Website.
  2. You expressly exclude and release us from all liabilities, claims or damages arising out of or in any way with respect to other third parties. The TIX EVENTS will not be a party to the dispute, negotiating disputes between you and other third parties. The responsibility for the decisions you make on Services found through the Website is entirely responsible and in your way. You expressly exclude and release us from all liability, claim, cause of action, or damage arising from the use of the Service, software and or the Website, or in any way related to any other third party introduced to you through the Website.


You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the TIX EVENTS and its employees, affiliates, staff and partners, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages or losses including legal fees arising as a result of any third party claim in respect of: (a) Your use of the Website; (b) Content provided, made available or accessed through this Website; (c) Your breach of these Terms of Use; (d) Violations of other rights or obligations; and or (e) Any act or omission by you, whether negligent, unlawful or otherwise.


We may at any time modify the Terms & Conditions of Use of the site without any prior notification to you. You can access the latest version of the User Agreement at any given time on our website. You should regularly review the Terms & Conditions on our website. In the event the modified Terms & Conditions is not acceptable to you, you should discontinue using the service. However, if you continue to use the service you shall be deemed to have agreed to accept and abide by the modified Terms & Conditions of Use of this site.


This Website may contain links to websites operated by parties other than TIX EVENTS provided solely as a convenience to you. We do not control such sites or links and are not responsible for the content or privacy or other activities of such sites. We, or other third parties, may automatically upload search results or provide links to other sites. We provide third parties the opportunity to provide, post, transmit or otherwise make available any information, data, text, images, sounds, graphics, videos, messages, reviews or other materials ("Content") through this Website. We do not review and / or have no control over sites, resources, and Content. By clicking on the link you hereby announce, acknowledge and agree that such action is your voluntary action to view or visit other sites, You agree that we are not responsible for the content or availability of such sites and resources, and we do not endorse or recommend and are not responsible for the origin of the Site or the Content. You agree to indemnify us against and against all liabilities, expenses, damages, or damages, directly or indirectly caused or suspected to be caused by or in connection with your use of or account for Content, websites or resources.


  1. The TIX EVENTS has sole and full discretion to change, suspend, discontinue or discontinue this Website and or any part of the Website, including the Services or products provided in this Website, and or the use of this Website, or any portion thereof, at any time for any reason without notice before you.
  2. In the event of termination, you remain bound by any obligation under these Terms of Use, including but not limited to warranties, indemnification, disposal and limitation of the obligations you have agreed upon.
  3. The TIX EVENTS shall not be liable to you or any third party for any termination or suspension of your access to the Website.


TIX EVENTS values User confidentiality. TIX EVENTS will endeavour to comply with relevant data protection requirements when performing its obligations under these Terms of Use. A separate Privacy Policy document governing the rights and obligations of TIX EVENTSs and users in relation to privacy is available here.


These Terms of Use will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.


In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use, both Parties shall first discuss in good faith to achieve a peaceful settlement within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the dispute notification. However, if the dispute cannot be settled by deliberation within sixty (60) calendar days, it shall be referred to BANI in accordance with the current Arbitration procedure. If the dispute remains unresolved, it will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Jakarta District Court.


  1. These Terms of Use will govern all agreements and understandings between you and the TIX EVENTS on the matter thereof, and will replace all prior, written or oral agreements between you and the TIX EVENTS on the subject thereof.
  2. If you use the Website for or on behalf of a third party ("Third Party"), such as a family member or friend, you are responsible for any errors in the accuracy of the information provided in connection with such use. In addition, you must inform Third Party of all Websitelicable Terms of Use. When using the Website for or on behalf of a Third Party, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the TIX EVENTS against and against all liabilities, damages, damages, litigation and claims including legal fees arising out of or connected with any breach of these Terms of Use or negligence by you and / or Third Party.
  3. If any provision is set out to be unenforceable or invalid, by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall remain in full force to the fullest extent permitted by Websitelicable law and such provisions shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provisions which left. Disconnected provisions should be replaced with terms that Websiteroximate the original words and intentions as much as possible.
  4. The failure of either Contracting Party to enforce any provision of these Terms of Use shall at any time be interpreted not as a waiver of the respective Party's right to enforce any breach of that provision or any other provision of these Terms of Use or as a waiver of continuing infringement, which following or following any other terms or conditions of these Terms of Use.
  5. You may not assign or assign your rights or obligations under these Terms of Use, without our prior written Websiteroval.
  6. We reserve the right to change or revoke the Terms of Use (or any part thereof) in our sole discretion. We may change these Terms of Use at any time by installing the distinction in the Website. The latest version of the Terms of Use will replace all previous versions.
  7. Notice granted pursuant to these Terms of Use shall be deemed Websiteropriate under consideration if the Terms of Use are written and forwarded by registered mail or registered delivery service or equivalent to either Party (at our registered address, or otherwise notified).


  1. The TIX EVENTS shall not be liable for any performance not performed or violation of these Terms of Use, such as a transaction failure, limited access to the Website, or any damage or danger to the user resulting from any conduct or circumstance beyond your reasonable control ("Force Majeure Events"). Force Majeure events include but not limited to natural disasters (floods, earthquakes), epidemics, riots, war declarations, wars, military acts, terrorist acts, embargoes, sanctions, changes to laws or regulations, lightning, storms / cyclones, strikes, demonstrations, and so on.
  2. TIX EVENTS shall not be liable for any damages or losses caused by any means to any party if TIX EVENTS cannot process your order due to the Force Majeure Event.


If you have any further questions, please refer to TIX EVENTS FAQs inside TIX EVENTS Website.

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